The ratings system for my stories has changed. Where the rating/warnings tag was, you'll now find a 'Content' tag. It will contain pertinent information concerning content. All my stories have always been targeted for all audiences, and as such contain no content that would require an age limit above seventeen. However, if a story is marked by 'adult themes' an age limit of above thirteen is recommended.

Alice in Wonderland (1)

Big-O (1)

DC Universe (2)

New Doctor Who (7)

Elementary (1)

Enterprise (19)

Firefly (2)

Galileo (J-drama) (18)

Hotaru no Hikari (J-drama) (1)

Labyrinth/Happily N'ever After (1)

Lizzie Bennet Diaries (1)

The Lone Gunmen (7)

Moonlight (1)

The Mummy series (1)

Myst (2)

Ouran High School Host Club (3)

The Pretender/Prison Break (1)

Probe (6)

Sabrina (2)

The Shadow (1)

Sherlock Holmes Returns (1)

Spider-Man (1)

Stargate: SG-1 (1)

Star Trek: The Original Series (4)

Supernatural (18)

Trick (J-drama) (1)

Ugly Betty (16)

The West Wing (1)

The X-Files (22)





Alice in Wonderland

Alice and Cheshire
Category: Humor.
Summary: Pocket-sized kitty. 194 words.










Category: Angst, vignette.
Spoilers: The series.
Summary: Roger makes a request. 463 words.









DC Universe

Found a Truth
Content: mild violence
Category: Drama
Characters: Renee Montoya, Helena Bertinelli
Spoilers: Recent events in the DC Universe.
Summary: The new Question and Huntress have a conversation.

Gather Not My Soul (With Those of Sinners)
Continuity: DCU
Category: Drama
Characters: Vic Sage/Helena Bertinelli
Summary: Question thought Huntress needed salvation. Huntress never wanted or needed that. One-shot. 1,394 words.









New Doctor Who

Category: vignette
Characters: River Song
Summary: Remember that story? The story of your first birthday? Spoilers for episode 6x07. 167 words.

Death in the Fruit
Content: adult themes, violent imagery
Category: Action, Drama
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, OFC
Summary: Not all things are what they seem. 486 words.

Hello Kitty
Content: (skip) A startling lack of clothing in the characters.
Category: Humor, Gen
Characters: Donna Noble, Tenth Doctor
Summary: The Doctor and Donna fiddle with a machine that causes an unexpected transformation. Co-written with DamaDeHonor. 1233 words.

Planet of the Hats
Category: Drama
Characters: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, the Eleventh Doctor
Summary: "Hats, Doctor. Stay away from the hats, please, for your own sake." 646 words.

It Takes a Village
Category: general
Characters: Amelia Pond
Summary: Spoilers for "The Eleventh Hour," no warnings, 187 words.

we've got so far to go
Category: Drama
Characters: River Song, the Eighth Doctor
Summary: The first thing he says is: "This would be a whole lot simpler with peanut butter."

Who's the Giving For
Category: General
Characters: The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond/Rory Williams
Summary: The Doctor gives away Amy at her wedding. 1010 words.










it's a bumpy ride & an appointment must be kept
Content: character death, AU, violence
Category: Crossover, AU
Characters: Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Two drabbles written for my sister. 186 words.










as the hours run away
Content: character death, AU, violence
Category: Drama, Angst
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato, Jonathan Archer
Summary: As the hours run away. 477 words.

Content: adult themes, sensuality
Category: Fluff, fluffy fluff fluff...I think...yep, fluff.
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato
Summary: Before the party. 988 words.

Category: Crossover, Drama
Characters: Hoshi Sato, Nyota Uhura
Summary: Communications officers. 298 words.

elsewhere, a snow fell
Content: character death
Category: Angst
Characters: Jonathan Archer/T'Pol, T'Pol/Trip Tucker
Summary: They buried him on a winter world. Backstory for "you, in your robes." 100 words.

In OnePlace
Category: General, Drabble
Characters: Jonathan Archer
Spoilers: Season 3
Summary: Drafted. 122 words.

In Theory
Category: Romance, Humor
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato, Trip Tucker
Spoilers: Shockwave II, teeny one for Silent Enemy
Summary: The forgotten shirt. Hoshi pov. 1,938 words.

In the Waiting

Content: adult themes, implication of violence
Category: Angst
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato, Trip Tucker
Spoilers: Shuttlepod One
Summary: In the moment of waiting. 601 words.

Content: adult themes (consumption of alcohol)
Category: Romance, Light angst
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato, Trip Tucker
Spoilers: Silent Enemy; Shuttlepod One; Two Days, Two Nights;
Shockwave; Shockwave II (possibly)
Summary: Steps in closeness. 3729 words.

Category: Romance, Angst
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato
Summary: Every man in love tries it at least once. 268 words.

Nocturnus (viewcover)
Content: adult themes, violence
Category: Drama, Angst
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato, OFC, Jonathan Archer, T'Pol, Trip Tucker, Phlox
Spoilers: Detained, Silent Enemy
Summary: The dark night of the soul. 6,184 words.

Category: Drama
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato
Summary: Sand castles. 812 words.

Category: Vignette, Drabble
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato
Summary: Sound and communication. 100 words.

Revisiting Risa
Content: adult themes (consumption of alcohol)
Category: Romance, humor, little bit of angst
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato, Travis Mayweather, Trip Tucker, Ravis, OCs
Spoilers: Obviously, Two Days and Two Nights
Summary: A ticked off Hoshi yields a screwed Malcolm and Trip. 2,894 words.

The Solitary
Category: Drabble, angst
Characters: Malcolm Reed, Madeline Reed
Summary: On love. 159 words.

Sono (viewcover)
Content: implication of violence, adult themes
Category: Drama, Angst
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato ust, unrequited Trip Tucker/Hoshi Sato, and company
Summary: Snow, moon, flowers. A fairy tale retold. 18,535 words.

Sunrise, Sunset

Category: Drama, future fic, CiaC
Characters: Trip Tucker/Hoshi Sato, Malcolm Reed/T'Pol
Summary: Based on these three words from the Challenge in a Canat Linguistics Database--Grandfather, Shimmering, Rose. 898 words.

A Time To... (viewcover)
Content: adult themes, violent themes, character death
Category: Angst, alternate timeline
Characters: Everyone, especially Archer, a smidgen of Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato
Spoilers: The Expanse
Content: Character death
Summary: He has nothing but time. 332 words.

Category: Vignette.
Characters: Malcolm Reed/Hoshi Sato
Spoiler: Fight or Flight
Summary: Basically Malcolm's view of Hoshi during the episode, with a few missing scenes thrown in. 935 words.

you, in your robes
Content: character death
Category: Future fic, drama
Characters: Jonathan Archer, T'Pol
Spoilers: Season 3, some Trek history
Summary: After the war, Archer makes a visit to Vulcan. 1,391 words.










Empty Hands (Remembrance Remix)
Category: Drama
Characters: Simon Tam, River Tam
Spoilers: Serenity (episode), Serenity (film), The Train Job, Safe.
Summary: She's slipping out of his hands, and he doesn't know what to do. 1,576 words.

Mustn't Touch
Content: implication of violence
Category: General, vignette
Characters: Jayne Cobb
Spoilers: Ariel
Summary: Jayne's mother always told him. 285 words.









Galileo (J-drama)

Content: adult themes, consumption of alcoholCategory: Humor, romance, five things
Characters: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu
Summary: Five games Yukawa and Utsumi have played. 4,816 words.

An Auspicious Introduction
Category: general
Characters: Utsumi Kaoru, Yukawa Manabu
Summary: An AU first meeting between Utsumi Kaoru and Yukawa Manabu. 197 words.

and some with traps
Category: Fluff, angst
Characters: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu
Summary: Utsumi's determined to remove the Christmas decoration hanging above Yukawa's door. Title from Shakespeare. 1,194 words.

Conversation Overheard in a Lab
Category: General
Characters: Utsumi Kaoru, Yukawa Manabu, Kuribayashi Hiromi
Summary: Utsumi, Yukawa, and Kuribayashi discuss a very important point (not really). 100 words.

the cracks spread, a spiderweb
Content: Unintended emotional abuse and the death of an original character.
Category: general
Characters: Kuribayashi Hiromi, Utsumi Kaoru, Yukawa Manabu
Summary: People are made from the way the experiences of life break them. 2,070 words.

Darkest of Marks
Content: Bruises, threats of child harm, allusions to assault, violence, whump, sexual situations. For mature audiences.Category: Drama
Characters: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu, Yuge Shiro, Kusanagi Shunpei, Jonouchi Sakurako, OCs
Summary: Utsumi Kaoru's been fighting an attraction to Yukawa Manabu for as long as they've been acquainted. She thinks she's done a good job of hiding it, but that'll change, thanks to a case she's working. 34,319 words.

Escape Velocity
Category: Friendship, introspection
Characters: Kuribayashi Hiromi
Summary: Yukawa and Kuribayashi - ecritis, saudade, escape. 124 words.

Category: General
Characters: Jonouchi Sakurako, Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu
Summary: Yukawa makes a new connection. 122 words.

Familiarity with the Strange
Category: Humor
Characters: Yukawa Manabu, Utsumi Kaoru, Kishitani Misa
Summary: In which Yukawa's new partner, Kishitani Misa, realizes just how strange Yukawa is, and Utsumi's at a loss in dealing with him -- again. 693 words.

let this fire sweep through
Content: Choose not to warn.
Category: Crossover, drama
Characters: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu
Summary: History will never remember people like you. She tells him this, her voice bitter, but he only nods, because it is true. He is only one of many working together, to create a unified solution. 1,094 words. Crossover with Pacific Rim.

A Little Push
Category: Romance
Characters: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu, Jonouchi Sakurako
Summary: 'How dare he,' she tells herself, 'how dare he not pursue this, when he pursues everything else?' 1855 words.

Observer Effect
Category: Romance
Characters: Yukawa Manabu/Utsumi Kaoru
Summary: Sometimes the change doesn't happen to the observed. Spoilers for episode six. 798 words. (Includes art.)

The Only War
Category: romance, humor
Characters: Yukawa Manabu/Utsumi Kaoru, Kuribayashi Hiromi
Summary: Negotiating a relationship takes work, honesty, and communication. Or, the story of how Yukawa and Utsumi decided to get married. 1970 words.

Regrets Collect (Like Old Friends)
Category: Missing scene, drama
Characters: Utsumi Kaoru, Yukawa Manabu
Summary: She starts over. "The germanium -- what does it mean?" 1,156 words.

a secret told
Category: romance
Characters: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu
Summary: Missing scene for episode ten. In which coffee is had, and actions speak louder than words. 1145 words.

Tanabata Night
Category: general
Characters: Kuribayashi Hiromi, Utsumi Kaoru, Kusanagi Shunpei, Yukawa Manabu
Summary: Utsumi and her the men (Yukawa, Kusanagi, and Kuribayashi) hang out and watch fireworks. 1,002 words.

Unfair Advantage
Category: Humor, romance
Characters: Utsumi Kaoru/Yukawa Manabu, Kishitani Misa, Kuribayashi Hiromi
Summary: Who, when presented with a button, can resist pressing it? 1,739 words.

Without a Flame
Category: Angst
Characters: Yukawa Manabu/Utsumi Kaoru, Kusanagi Shunpei
Summary: "It isn't suffering we fear but loss." Some revelations aren't strictly science-related. 463 words.









Hotaru no Hikari (J-drama)

Three Times Takano Kissed Amemiya (and One Time He Didn't)
Content: Adult themes (consumption of alcohol). Spoilers for the whole series.
Category: Romance
Characters: Takano Seiichi/Amemiya Hotaru
Summary: What it says on the tin. 1817 words.









Labyrinth/Happily N'ever After

Not Over
Category: Romance/Humor
Characters: Jareth/Sarah, Munk and Mambo
Summary: A story isn't over until the happily ever after. 2457 words.









Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Touch Drunk
Category: Romance
Characters: Lizzie Bennet/William Darcy
Summary: She can't stop touching him. 319 words.









The Lone Gunmen

Catching Rainbows
Content: adult themes, brief violence
Category: Romance, Angst
Characters: Jimmy Bond, Yves Adele Harlow
Spoilers: Jump the Shark, All About Yves
Summary: Gotta stand still to catch rainbows. Sequel to "Chasing Shadows." 7,044 words.

Chasing Shadows
Content: adult themes
Category: Vignette, UST, angst
Characters: Jimmy Bond, Yves Adele Harlow
Spoilers: Jump the Shark; Bond, Jimmy Bond; All About Yves; Tango de los Pistoleros; The Lying Game
Summary: He doesn't really know when he started to care so much. 2,244 words.

Day and Night
Category: Romance, vignette
Characters: Jimmy Bond, Yves Adele Harlow
Summary: They look so different to be together, like day and night.... 756 words.

Content: adult themes
Category: Angst, Drama
Characters: Jimmy Bond, Yves Adele Harlow
Spoilers: My story, "Name."
Summary: There's no place like home. 509 words.

The Hard Way
Content: adult themes
Category: Angst, AU
Characters: Jimmy Bond, Yves Adele Harlow
Summary: Wanting the unwantable.

Johnny Bravo and the Nagel Woman
Category: I have no idea. It's a little bit funny and a little bit sad. Look, ma, a dramedy!
Characters: Jimmy Bond, Yves Adele Harlow
Spoilers: Falls in between "Diagnosis: Jimmy" and "Tango de los Pistoleros"
Summary: The Cartoon Network, a popcorn fight, and something a little more serious. Set in my "Chasing Shadows" universe. 1,940 words.

Category: Romance, angst.
Characters: Jimmy Bond, Yves Adele Harlow
Summary: Choosing names. 747 words.











The Mummy series

Thanksgiving (All the Trimmings Overdub)
Content: adult themes
Category: Family, Romance
Characters: Evelyn "Evie" Carnahan/Richard "Rick" O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan, Alex O'Connell
Summary: Family is what you make of it. 3,502 words. This is a remix of Thanksgiving in Cairo by nei-ya (tigerist).












the hearth that warms, the stone that chills
Content: adult themes
Category: Angst
Characters: Atrus/Catherine
Summary: Atrus and Catherine's reunion immediately after linking from Riven. 948 words.

like water, glimmer bright and free
Category: Romance.
Characters: Atrus/Catherine
Summary: Atrus sets down his quill, leaning back to watch his wife, oblivious to his eyes and consideration of her task. 273 words.











Ouran High School Host Club

Natural Disasters (Surviving an Extrovert Remix)
Category: Remix, Five Things
Characters: Ootori Kyouya, Suoh Tamaki.
Summary: "There is no such thing as bad weather..." Or, five times Tamaki invaded Kyouya's space. 1656 words.
Notes: Inspired by "This Must Be How Commoners Merely Survive Instead of Expanding Their Empires for Greater Glory" by peroxidepest17.

Category: Friendship
Characters: Haninozuka Mitsukuni, Morinozuka Takashi, Fujioka Haruhi, OMC
Summary: Haruhi's become the target of a bully. 1047 words.

So a Man Sharpens
Category: General
Characters: Suou Tamaki, Ootori Kyouya, Fujioka Haruhi
Spoilers: Kyouya's Unwilling Holiday; And Thus, Kyouya Met Him
Summary: It's a simple fact. There's always a price to pay. 823 words.











The Pretender/Prison Break

A Divided Duty
Category: Drama, Crossover
Keywords: The Pretender/Prison Break
Spoilers: For The Pretender, "Bloodlines"; for Prison Break, "The Key".
Summary: If Michael Scofield were a Pretender, what backstory would there be? 806 words.










Code: Execute
Content: adult themes, violent imagery
Category: Romance, Drama
Characters: Austin James/Mickey Castle
Spoilers: Slight mention of dialogue from "Quit-it" and "Computer Logic" (the pilot).
Summary: Austin is called in to investigate the death of a scientist, whose experiment threatens to drive a wedge between Austin and Mickey. 5,754 words.

Fragments of a Forgotten Life
Category: Dialogue-only, drama
Characters: Mickey Castle, Austin James
Summary: "So, how much do you remember from when you were a kid?" 129 words.

If the Bible Tells You So
Category: General
Characters: Mickey Castle, Austin James
Summary: It's very late at night and Mickey has a question. Post-ep for "Computer Logic". 459 words.

Less by Assimilation than by Friction
Category: General
Characters: Mickey Castle, Austin James, Jeannie Miller, Yukawa Manabu, Utsumi Kaoru, Jo Lupo, Jack Carter, Data (Star Trek)
Summary: Five people Austin James has (never) met. 3,017 words. (Crossovers with Stargate: Atlantis, Galileo, Eureka, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

Until It's Gone
Category: Crossover, drama, romance
Characters: Austin James/Mickey Castle
Summary: John Byers collaborates with Austin James. Based on part of Angela W.'s "Access Denied". Thank you, Angela! 2,139 words.

Workplace Romance
Category: Fluff
Characters: Austin James/Mickey Castle
Summary: Mickey gets a paper cut. 452 words.










The Smell ofRain
Category: Movie-fic, "Sabrina" 1995 version, drama
Characters: Linus Larrabee/Sabrina Fairchild
Summary: "Do you remember a rainy afternoon we spent together?" Flashback. 1,395 words.

La Vie en Rose
Content: None.
Category: Romance.
Characters: Sabrina Fairchild/Linus Larrabee
Summary: Together, in Paris. 351 words.









The Shadow

The Blackmailing of Margo Lane
Category: Drama
Characters: Lamont Cranston/Margo Lane
Summary: Homage to the radio series The Shadow. 1,904 words.











Sherlock Holmes Returns

Category: General
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Amy Winslow
Summary: Amy Winslow has something to ask of the man living in her house. (Sherlock Holmes Returns fic). 606 words.












Category: Vignette, Angst
Characters: Peter Parker/M.J. Watson
Spoilers: Movie-verse.
Summary: How does a person fall away from those he loves? 614 words.











Stargate: SG-1

Nuclear Force
Category: Humor, General
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter
Spoilers: none
Summary: A conversation on a dark night that may or may not have happened. 570 words.











Star Trek: The Original Series

Content: Implied torture? It's very slight, though.
Category: Drama
Characters: Pavel Chekov, OFC, Spock, James Kirk
Summary: "It's regrettable that I'll have to let you go. You make such an excellent pawn." 337 words.

Hearts are Flying: A Star Trek Fantasy
Content: innuendo
Category: Humor, Badfic
Characters: Spock/Uhura
Summary: Rumors. 364 words.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Category: Friendship, Humor
Characters: Pavel Chekov, Hikaru Sulu, others, OC
Summary: So he plays the violin, what difference does that make? 772 words.

Category: Drama
Characters: Pavel Chekov
Summary: Chekov tells stories; some are true, some are not. 690 words.










All your worldly desires...
Content: violence
Category: Drama, AU
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Summary: This is not his brother. 382 words.

Category: General
Characters: John Winchester
Summary: Last night, he dreamed of Mary. 100 words.

Content: Frightening imagery.
Category: general
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Alyssa Blackwell, Lia Martin
Summary: Sam and Dean Winchester investigate the disappearance of a young woman. In so doing they interact with Alyssa Blackwell and Lia Martin, of the story "No Angel," written by sleeplessblue. 1,432 words.

fire in his hands (bones of you blend)
Content: Choose not to warn.
Category: Remix
Characters: Castiel, Jimmy Novak, Dean Winchester.
Summary: "Like a burning flame, running through my veins--you consume me, moving through me." 1150 words.
Notes: Inspired by "On Being Pulled from Hell" and "Dem Bones" by feverbeats. Summary from DC Talk's "Consume Me."

Flip Side
Category: Humor, Craa-aack.
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Summary: Dean's not acting like himself. 634 words.

Dean and Castiel Ficlets
Content: Character death, adult themes
Category: General
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel
Spoilers: Season 4
Summary: Mostly unrelated ficlets, all Dean and Castiel concentric, all from prompts from my sister, except for the last two. 2608 words, total.

Gift Horses
Content: (skip) inappropriate use of a mind meld
Category: Drama
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, James Kirk, Spock
Summary: Don't believe everything kindly strangers tell you. Crossover with Star Trek. 2,562 words.

(Everything Is) Bigger and Better in Texas
Content: Freakiness ahead, yo. And, adult themes.
Category: Humor, Horror
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Summary: They slept in the car that night, after they disposed of the statue. 694 words.

Let the Silence Speak
Category: Drama
Characters: Dean Winchester, Dana Scully
Spoilers: "All Souls"
Summary: Crossover with The X-Files. In which characters meet, and talk about angels and regrets. 234 words.

like a coin that won't get tossed
Content: AU, Character death (off-screen)
Category: General
Characters: OCs, surprise character
Spoilers: "Fresh Blood"
Summary: "Listen, kid, I'm just trying to let you know what you're in for. You say you're in the market for a partner, well, so's he." 706 words.

Little Boy Blue
Content: adult themes
Category: Drama, Crack, Hurt/Comfort, Kidfic
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel
Summary: Takes place during "Weekend at Bobby's." Why were Sam and Dean so rushed in killing the lamia? Features an age-regressed and whumped on Castiel. 2847 words.

Content: adult themes
Category: angst
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Spoilers: Yellow Fever; It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
Summary: Sam is having a mental breakdown; Dean is sucked in along with him. 292 words.

shall give his angels charge
Category: Drama
Characters: Castiel, Peter Parker and May Parker, Malcolm Reynolds, Montgomery Scott, and Vic Sage
Summary: Castiel has many charges; these are just a few. Crossovers with: Spider-man (movie-verse), Firefly, Star Trek: TNG (and by extension, TOS), and DC Comics. 736 words

Snow Angels
Category: Drama
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel
Spoilers: Bad Day at Black Rock
Summary: Dean's hurt, Sam's angry, and Castiel is trying to puzzle out the dynamics of medication-laced humor. 697 words.

The Time Has Come to Be Gone (Augmentation Counterpoint Mix)
Spoilers and/or Warnings: All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2; (skip) sensuality; mild supernaturally-based coercion, non-sexual in nature
Category: Drama
Characters: Ash/oc, Ellen Harvelle/Bobby Singer, Ellen Harvelle/William Harvelle
Summary: Threads of lives crossing. 2,810 words.

Category: General
Characters: Dean Winchester/Jo Harvelle
Summary: Dean is completely unprepared, even though he thought he was. 285 words.

Where My Steps Take Me, There You Are (Deleted Scene)
Authors: Vesper (Regina) and Dama De Honor
Content: (skip) physical abuse is hinted at, but not shown; religious themes
Category: Drama, Romance, Alternate Universe
Characters: Castiel/Mary Campbell Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester
Summary: Cas Donovan was on his way home when he encountered two young men, thereby changing his life. 10,060 words.

your angels speak with jilted tongues
Content: (skip) Some (very brief) imagery may be triggery for self-harm.
Category: Angst
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Summary: Co-dependency isn't very healthy, especially when you throw destiny in the mix. 382 words.









Trick (J-drama)

Category: General
Characters: Ueda Jiro/Yamada Naoko
Summary: Her propensity to vanish is, Ueda thinks, her ultimate trick. 100 words.









Ugly Betty

Another Blink of an Eye
Category: Romance, Drama, AU
Characters: Henry Grubstick/Betty Suarez, Henry Grubstick/Charlie, hints of past Daniel Meade/Betty Suarez.
Spoilers: Derailed; Icing on the Cake; Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Series: Five Things
Summary: Five things Henry knows about Betty. 1,196 words.

Bate, Bate, el Chocolate
Category: Drama/Romance
Characters: Daniel Meade/Betty Suarez
Summary: Three times Daniel got Betty hot chocolate. 834 words.

Category: Angst
Characters: Daniel Meade/Betty Suarez
Summary: She's a fighter. This is something Daniel has always known. 100 words.

Category: General
Characters: Henry Grubstick/Betty Suarez
Summary: Wilhelmina has spies everywhere. A 'what if.' 495 words.

Catch a Falling Star
Category: General/Romance
Characters: Henry Grubstick/Betty Suarez
Summary: Star-gazing. 275 words.

A Change of Drawers
Content: adult themes
Category: Humor (slightly cracky), Alternate Universe
Characters: Betty Suarez/Henry Grubstick, Elena Grubstick (OC)
Spoilers: Only for my story "Another Blink of an Eye."
Summary: Henry has a preference. Some preferences change over time. 954 words.

First Day Back
Content: adult themes
Category: Romance
Characters: Daniel Meade/Betty Suarez
Summary: A kiss, on their first day back. Written for Medie's "You Must've Been Kissing a Fool" Challenge. 407 words.

The Fruit of Dead Hopes
Content: adult themes, sensitive topic (loss of a child in pregnancy)
Category: Angst, Drama, AU
Characters: Henry Grubstick, Charlie
Spoilers: East Side Story
Summary: The end of a relationship that died a long time ago. A dialogue-heavy piece. One-shot. 1,079 words.

The Hard Thing About Business
Category: Humor
Characters: Betty Suarez, Amanda Tanen, OMC
Summary: Betty's not trying to be anything but a good friend. Sometimes that means letting others live their own lives. 588 words.

Content: Adult themes, sensuality
Category: Romance
Characters: Betty Suarez/Henry Grubstick
Spoilers: Is it a spoiler if you wrote it before you saw it? If so, "Fake Plastic Snow."
Summary: Dreams don't lie, or so she's heard. 671 words.

Love Looks Not
Content: some mild innuendo, adult themes
Category: Angst, Romance
Characters: Henry Grubstick/Betty Suarez, guest appearances by Marc St. James, Amanda Tanen, and some very nasty forgettable OFCs.
Spoilers: The Box and the Bunny; The Lyin', The Watch, and The Wardrobe; Secretaries' Day
Series: The Course of True Love
Summary: He's not alone in this. He never was. 7,605 words.

Menudo, With Love
Category: General/Humor
Characters: Henry Grubstick/Betty Suarez
Spoilers: "The Lyin', the Watch, and the Wardrobe"
Summary: Henry has dinner with the Suarez family. Ignacio's p.o.v. 743 words.

Once there was a choice...
Category: drama, crossover
Characters: Betty Suarez/Daniel Meade, Mick St. John
Summary: Crossover with Moonlight. Betty is turned; her learning to deal with that. Twenty sentences. 548 words.

Second Chance
Content: adult themes
Category: Angst/Romance
Characters: Daniel Meade/Betty Suarez
Summary: A mistake, and a second chance. 633 words.

Category: Angst, Romance, Drabble
Characters: Betty Suarez/Henry Grubstick
Spoilers: East Side Story
Summary: A kiss should never taste like goodbye. 100 words.

Category: Romance
Characters: Daniel Meade/Betty Suarez
Summary: It's Betty's birthday, and Daniel has a gift for her. 596 words.









The West Wing

For Less
Content: adult themes, sensuality
Category: Vignette
Characters: C.J. Craig/Sam Seaborn
Summary: Right now, they are. 379 words.









The X-Files

An End (100 Words)
Category: Drabble, angst
Characters: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Spoiler: NIHT
Summary: Missing scene. Based on spoilers. 100 words.

Content: adult themes
Category: Humor
Characters: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully UST
Summary: Watch a movie, drink some Coca-Cola, go to sleep. 429 words.

Fools' Memories (viewcover)
Content: adult themes
Spoilers: Pusher
Category: Vignette, Angst
Characters: Cancerman/other
Summary: Inspired by Jewel's "Foolish Games", however nary a word of the song can be found. A glimpse of the man behind the smoke. 1,435 words.

Hold the Light
Spoilers: Redux II
Category: Vignette, Romance
Characters: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Summary: The angel watches over his charge. 285 words.

I Cannot Find the Words (viewcover)
Spoilers: Very tiny ones for The Erlenmeyer Flask, Little Green Men, Triangle.
Category: Vignette, Angst
Characters: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Summary: Set to the tune of "I Love You", another desertion prompts Scully to look back on a time of separation--love has its price. 614 words.

Married Man's Pride
Category: Humor, Ringfic. RPF.
Characters: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson
Spoilers: Travelers
Summary: Why was Duchovny wearing his ring? 734 words.

Miracle (poem, 50 words)
Spoilers: Milagro

Mishaps I: A Pair of UFOs
Category: Humor
Characters: Dana Scully, Fox Mulder
Summary: What do you get when you cross shoes and a FBI agent? 334 words.

Mishaps II: Sneezes and Scratches
Category: Humor
Characters: Dana Scully, Fox Mulder
Summary: Sabotage leaves our heroes momentarily incapacitated. 336 words.

Mishaps III: Fore!
Category: Humor
Characters: Dana Scully, Fox Mulder
Summary: Indoor golf. 490 words.

Mishaps IV: The Overamorous Duo
Content: adult themes, sensuality
Category: Humor
Characters: Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, OCs
Summary: The basement office is invaded. 396 words.

Much Better Than This (viewcover)
Spoilers: The Blessing Way, Memento Mori
Category: Angst, Romance
Characters: Dana Scully/Fox Mulder
Summary: A verbal reaffirmation of vows that have long remained unspoken, prompted by their own inner voices. 2,991 words.

My Motives
Spoilers: Detour
Category: V
Keywords: UST
Summary: Why the conversation in the woods? Scully POV. 439 words.

Oh, What Did Miss Muffet Say?
Category: Badfic, Humor
Characters: Dana Scully, Fox Mulder
Summary: Scully meets an unusual character. 613 words.

On Trial
Content: adult themes, implication of violence
Category: Drama
Characters: Dana Scully
Summary: We all have our breaking point. 445 words.

Parting (view cover)
Content: adult themes, character death
Spoilers: Gethsemane (nothing really specific)
Category: Angst, Romance
Keywords: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, Dana Scully/other
Summary: Speculation on the death of a character. 2,502 words.

Spoilers: all things, The Field Where I Died, Monday
Category: Vignette
Characters: Dana Scully/Fox Mulder
Summary: The ancient puzzle of free will versus predestination. 781 words.

The River
Category: Vignette, Alternate universe
Character: Dana Scully
Summary: One reason she stays. 513 words.

Sin City
Category: Vignette
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Samantha Mulder
Summary: Fox, Dana, and Samantha in an alternate universe. 158 words.

Two Agents, One Bed (viewcover)
Content: innuendo
Spoilers: Rain King
Category: Vignette, Humor, UST
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully
Summary: What happened in the shared room that night? 577 words.

We Don't Say Goodbye
Category: Vignette
Spoilers: Amor Fati II: The Sixth Extinction and Nothing Important Happened Today
Characters: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Summary: Inspired by "Immortality" sung by Celine Dion. Mulder and Scully each think of the hope for the future and thesacrifices they've made. 416 words.

Without Your Faith (poem, 105 words)