Title: Mishaps II: Sneezes and Scratches
Author: Vesper (Regina)
Warnings: none
Category: SH
Summary: Sabotage leaves our heroes momentarily incapacitated.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to CC, 1013, Fox (the company, not the animal or Mulder). Story is mine. Do I look like I make profit on this? Don't answer that. I prefer not to hear that I'm pathetically monetarily challenged.
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He snuck into their office. He placed his weapon, a small cardboard box with holes punched in the top, into Dana Scully's desk, and promptly snuck out again.

Later that morning, Dana Scully arrived before Fox Mulder. A rare occurrence, one that she immediately took advantage of. They had no case today, no paperwork either, so she set to trying to rearrange and clean the office. At first she thought the dust she raised was responsible for her sneezes and watering eyes, until she noticed the red welts on her hands. Her analytical mind immediately settled upon the cause. There was a cat in the office.

It took her less than five minutes to find the cardboard box and the offensive animal it held. The little kitten was spitting mad, and as she released it from its confinement, it jumped away from her. It ricocheted around the office and out the door as it opened. Unfortunately the kitten found an obstacle in Fox Mulder. Unfortunately for Mulder, the kitten chose to ignore the obstacle and clambered up his pants, jacket and head.

"Ow, Scully! Could you be a little more careful with that?"

"Sit still, Mulder, you're only making it worse."

He flinched back from the antiseptic soaked cotton ball.


"Mulder, sit still or I'll pinch your ears."

He ceased his wriggling. "I can't help it. It hurts. How did that demon get in our office anyway? Where is it?"

She finally finished her ministrations and stepped away. "I have no idea, to both questions. It's an X-File."

He snorted. "Or a bizarre Sherlock Holmes case. 'The Case of the Mysterious Cat'. "

"Right." She flashed him a perfect Spock take.

He opened his mouth, apparently changed his mind, and said instead, "How do you do that?"

Her brows drew together in a puzzled frown. "Do what?"

"Display such a perfect example of disbelief?"

"Oh, that. It come naturally around you."

He laughed. "Thanks a lot, Scully."

"You're welcome. Now let's clean up your office."