Title: elsewhere, a snow fell
Author: Vesper (Regina)
Warnings: character death
Category: ST:ENT
Codes: Archer/T'Pol/Tucker
Summary: They buried him on a winter world.
Disclaimer: Star Trek is owned by Paramount. The story is mine.
Website: http://www.vespertanmer.com
Archival: Permission to Warp 5 Complex (EntSTCommunity). Anyone else, please link to my website. Please keep all my headers intact.
Notes: A drabble, backstory for "you, in your robes". Title from "Full Circle" by Loreena McKennitt.

You stand there, by the grave of your friend, shivering. The snow falls in lazy flakes, an irony, you think. The winter silence feigning peace in the midst of war.

You see her, flanked by the recent ever-presence of Malcolm and Hoshi. Travis and Phlox hover behind and beside. You stand apart, and wonder why.

You watch the snow drift to rest on her and you find you are unable to look away. She does not look at you, as they turn to go.

He is not here, but he haunts you still.

He had what you never could.


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