Notes: My sister and I had a lovely time writing "Where My Steps Take Me, There You Are" and I had this idea for a scene that we eventually decided slowed down the story, and took focus off the conclusion, but we still wanted to keep. I challenged Dama to take the summary of this scene (Mary and the boys say goodbye to Cas when he leaves; Cas gives Dean his necklace) and write her own take, while I did the same. I made the mistake of reading hers before I wrote mine, but I think it's sufficiently different to be worth reading. We present both takes here for you.

Vesper (Regina)'s:

It wasn't until Cas had picked up his tickets at the counter, that Sam asked, "You are coming back, right?"

Cas shot a surprised glance at Mary. She felt embarrassed, but all this was so new. She smiled, and bit at her lip. She said, "It just hadn't come up, yet."

Cas gave her a tiny nod, and she relaxed just a little. He understood. She glanced at Dean, who had an amused look on his face, that he quickly smoothed away when he saw her looking at him.

"Well," Cas said, and she saw that he was talking to Sam, "I'd miss you if I didn't."

Sam said, "And Mom. You'd miss Mom."

Oh dear. Had they been that obvious?

Dean interrupted her thoughts by saying, "He's too smart for his own good. Right, Sammy?"

Sam looked at him, and said in a tone that indicated a foregone conclusion, "He likes her."

Dean said, "Duh."

Mary shrugged, at a loss in the face of how unsecret her feelings had been. The look on Cas's face was stunned, and she couldn't help but think she was looking at a reflection of her own feelings. She said, "What can I say? They're on to us." She smiled at him. "Come back soon, all right? Otherwise, I'm going to have to listen to these two tease me the whole time."

Dean said, "As if."

Cas shook his head, an amused smile flickering on his face. He sighed, and said, "Yes, we like each other and yes, it was a little bit of a surprise, and yes, I'll come back, if you boys want me to."

Mary felt herself straighten up at that last, because, of course, he would value their opinion. She wouldn't expect anything less--considering how honorable she'd found him to be.

Dean stepped forward, and she turned to look at him, seeing his face gone serious.

"You promise?" he asked.

Cas nodded, immediately. "You wouldn't be able to keep me away. Listen, I--" He stopped, and Mary watched him, curious, as he seemed to be thinking something over. He reached under the collar of his shirt and pulled out a gold chain and unfastened it. She looked at Dean, whose eyes had gotten wide. Cas fastened the ends of the chain and handed it to Dean, who took it. Cas said, "Take care of it for me."

Dean nodded, gathering up the chain into his fist, and Mary saw the crucifix at the end before Dean tucked his hand in his pocket. "I will," he said.

Cas turned to Mary, and said, "Well. I can't expect you to wait around for me to leave, so..."

She said, "We'll see you soon," and blinked against the sudden prick in her eyes. She drew a breath, still looking at him, and then said, "Ah, screw it," and threw her arms around his neck, to give him a kiss on the mouth. He made a surprised sound against her mouth and she almost smiled

Twin cries of, "Mom!" came from behind her, but she didn't care. She felt Cas's arms come up around her, and...yes, this felt so completely right. It was such a long time since she'd felt so loved and been able to give love, and she was going to make sure he knew it.

"We'll be waiting for you," she said, when she pulled back.

Dama De Honor's:

"So you're going to come visit?" Dean asked Cas.

Cas nodded, smiled a little, then frowned. "It's what your mom wants, but I'm not going to discount your feelings, Dean. Are you uncomfortable with--"

Dean had already started shaking his head. "Dude, please don't start all that mushy heart-to-heart crap. I'm fine. I totally get it. No need to explain."

"Your mother and I are--"

"Too much info, Cas," Dean interrupted again, already showing signs of a blush around his ears.

Cas repressed a grin. He didn't want to embarrass Dean any further. 'God, I'm so blessed,' he thought, and his heart made his face want to break into smiles even more. While he was thinking it, his hand had left his luggage handle and gone to his crucifix. Dean was noticing again, but not saying anything. That was when Cas got an idea.

He removed the necklace, already saying, "Here, keep this safe, will you?" He held it out, and Dean's mouth came open a bit, wide eyes shifting between Cas and the chain.

"Are you sure?"

Cas let some of the grin break through. "Think of it as insurance."

Dean, rarely one to smile, was suddenly looking like a kid at Christmas. He took the chain and hid his happy face by ducking his head and slipping it over. He picked the cross off his chest and looked at it, facing turning down in a funny way as he tried to get a good view.

Cas chuckled and mock-cuffed him on the side of the head. "Hey," a younger voice said, and Sammy came running up, and play-punched him in the abs, "Are you picking on my brother?"

Mary was behind him, grinning until tears filled her eyes. Cas intercepted Sammy's somewhat dangerous horseplay with a hug. "Nothing like that. I just gave him a present." He let go and pointed out the chain to Sam.

Dean looked at it again, and Mary looked quickly at Cas. He met her look with a gentle smile. 'I promise I'll be back, Mary,' he promised himself and her, 'I hope you can believe in me.'

"Wow! Awesome," Sammy crowed, embarrassing Dean in the process.

"Shuddup, Sammy..." They started messing around, but Cas continued to hold Mary's gaze. She reached out to him, and he took her hand.

After a moment, the boys calmed down, but Mary and he hardly noticed.

"Are you ready?" Mary asked.

Cas knew she was talking about something completely different, but the words that came out were exactly what he meant to say.

"Yes, yes, I am."